Reducing Work Comp Prescription Cost is our Commitment

Prescription drugs are the fastest growing component as a percentage of total medical costs. Experience has shown that there are substantial savings to be captured in reducing the cost being spent on pharmaceuticals in workers’ compensation claims. D & D Pharmacy Solutions was created as part of our commitment to being cost effective for our clients.

D & D Pharmacy Solutions is managed by experienced Pharmacists. Fees are below the Fee Schedule. Generic medications are mandated. In workers’ compensation, drug therapy constitutes approximately 8% to 15% of paid medical benefits, so it is critical for this expense to be monitored closely. Additionally, the high-cost claims and medications are monitored for abuse. It’s the ideal program for first-fill and ongoing maintenance drugs for workers compensation injuries.

Lower Cost Alternatives, Convenience and Accountability 

  • Drug Cost Below Fee Schedule
  • Controlled Online Eligibility
  • Coverage at Point of Injury
  • Workers’ Compensation Drug List
  • Drug Utilization Review
  • Translation Service as Needed
  • Physician Prescription Oversight
  • Company Formulary and Patient Specific Formulary
  • Mail Order Provides 90 day Supplies when Appropriate
  • Dedicated Customer Care 24/7