Early Intervention Makes All the Difference

With an established reputation for providing quality, cost effective Medical Case Management to injured workers, D & D Total Health Solutions has recognized the need for affordable occupational injury management solutions within the workplace. With 24/7 Occupational Triage, early intervention separates serious injuries from those that need not become claims at all, resulting in less recordable incidents for the employer. In the event that an injury occurs, immediate access to an experienced Occupational Triage Nurse following the incident is essential to providing the appropriate level of care for your employee. Employees appreciate knowing that the employer is concerned about their medical care, minimizing the employees’ fears and concerns.

D & D Total Health Solution’s Triage hotline is available to the employer 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When an employee is injured on the job, the supervisor will have immediate access to an experienced Triage Nurse by calling our toll free number. Using established Protocols/Algorithms, the Triage Nurse will gather information, assess and triage to the appropriate level of care. At this stage self-care first aid may be indicated, thereby reducing recordable incidents. The Triage Nurse does not make a diagnosis, but provides recommendations for referral to an approved provider as medically necessary.

At the end of the call, the nurse immediately forwards all available occupational or medical notes from the triage call to the specified parties.In the event that the injured worker requires referral to an approved clinic for assessment/treatment, the medical notes from the call will be faxed to the facility, prior to the employees’ arrival. This reduces delays and provides continuity of care for the injured worker, thereby reducing claims costs. In the event that a more serious injury requires an Emergency Room visit, the Triage Nurse will be involved in the triage process, with instructions provided to dial 911 and transport to the nearest ER. The employer contact will be kept updated throughout the entire process.

Who Benefits?


  • Immediate access for injured employees and their supervisors, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Overall Workers’ Compensation Cost Reduction
  • Established Protocols/Algorithms Utilized
  • Triage calls are recorded for documentation of injuries
  • Claim information relayed electronically to employer’s designated staff, TPA, or both, resulting in decreased reporting lag time
  • First Report of Injury included for an Additional Fee


  • Immediate Access to a Medical Professional rather than relying on a supervisor with no medical training
  • If appropriate, the employee will be guided in First Aid/Self Care for minor injuries, such as strains and sprains, and allowed to return to work
  • Directed to the most effective, pre-selected providers, as necessary
  • Directing the injured employee to the appropriate level of medical care reduces delays in treatment
  • Less Time Loss