We don’t just talk about cost effectiveness, we live it.

Early intervention by utilizing Case Management has been proven to reduce claims cost and has become an integral component in the overall process of returning injured employees safely back to work and achieving preinjury status. Medical Case Management is a win-win for all involved by eliminating delays in the employee’s return to work and positively impacting the overall claims cost.

With a D & D Case Manager involved at the onset, you can be assured of achieving a successful outcome. D & D Case Management has a return to work rate of over 95% and understands the importance of managing each file to achieve optimum medical outcome and timely file closure.

D & D hires experienced Case Managers with expertise in workers’ compensation and occupational injuries. Each case is monitored both medically and legally for quality assurance, using a system of checks and balances. The Case Managers work collaboratively with a network of preferred physicians and medical professionals to coordinate the most effective treatment plan. Acting as objective third party intermediaries ensures the best outcome for the injured worker, thereby reducing the overall claims cost for our clients. D & D Case Managers utilize a quality assurance process and monitor cases that exceed the established duration guidelines of ODG’s. By identifying potential recovery obstacles, ‘red flags,’ and treatments that may not be medically necessary, a D & D Case Manager positively impacts its clients bottom line.

D & D Field Case Managers do more than schedule and attend appointments and forward the treatment to the Claims Adjuster and Employer. They are trained as innovative, critical thinkers, who are engaged in the process and dedicated to utilizing best practices to achieve results. Each file is handled and reviewed on an individual basis, with tailoring of the case management process to meet the needs of the client and the injured worker, while progressing the file. At D & D there is no room for “cookie cutter” case management….only individualized management of each case to achieve a successful outcome.

Early Intervention by Utilizing Case Management = Early Return to Work

It is a proven fact that the earlier a referral is made, the sooner an injured worker returns to work. Early intervention can keep a minor injury from becoming a complicated claim.

At D & D, our goals are consistent with those of our clients–Successful Outcomes for the Injured Worker and Reduced Costs for its Client.